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Aso oke making has remained the same for decades, however, new techniques have been looked into to remove the weight and thickness of the aso oke to make it more accessible for casual wear.

There are so many types of aso oke like Big Loom, Super Net and Metallic but as styles evolve, one usually leads the pack as the hottest trend.

Aso oke usage evolved over time, from when it was worn by just the couple, then friends of the bride, to wedding guests which is now a norm. Aso oke went from ordinary to sparkly in the blink of an eye. In the past two years, you’ll hardly see aso oke that is not embellished with stones, pearls or even beaded fringe. The aso oke business is now more lucrative than before, which makes most makers on top of their game, full of innovation and ways to stand out.

Creativity is at its peak now with aso oke makers, as the “TWO TONED ASOOKE” is what is in vogue. The two toned aso oke trend started last year and the first time I saw it was on a #DeolaSagoe bride – Tutu, and since then, it has become a staple among Nigerian brides.

@deolasagaoeofficial bride in two toned asooke – blue and purple

This new aso oke trend speaks class and elegance with little or no effort (i.e with or without adornments). How do you know a two-toned aso oke?? The two-toned aso oke reads different colors from different angles. It gives a chrome mirror like a shade of the colours used. The creativity and fun part with the two-toned aso oke is the fact that you get to play with the different mix of colors.

@bimmms24 green and pink two toned asooke, makeup by @oshewabeauty

One thing I love about this aso oke is that it necessarily doesn’t need stones or pearls additions for it to shine because it’s metallic.  All two-toned aso oke are metallic but not all metallic aso oke are two-toned (don’t get it twisted). People who don’t like embellishments on their aso oke can opt for the two-toned aso oke. This trend is mostly worn by brides but the good news  is it can be used by #AsoEbiBella! We hope to see more Nigerian wedding guests in this  modern aso oke trend!!!!

@olamii wearing two toned peach and gold asooke as a wedding guest as spotted on @asoebibella

@orente in purple and blue two toned aso oke

And for the ladies who likes to go all out with their aso oke, the two toned aso oke can be embellished with stones. It gives it more reason to shine and bling,especially if you’re the bride.

@deolasagaoe bride Gozie in an embelished two toned aso oke

What colors would you like in your two-toned aso oke?

Drop your comments below and let us know if this aso oke trend is a Yay or Nay for you. As for me, it’s a super Yay!!!! And don’t forget to upload your pictures on the website for a feature on our IG page.

Bride in @shadiat_alasooke

@fabricexpress in two toned aso oke by @bimmms24, photo by @mofebamuyiwa

Written by: Kasumu Damilola

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