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Helooo Bellasss!!! Let’s talk “Ankara fabric”… Ankara is a wax print adopted widely by Africans, that is notable for its vividly coloured patterns. It is one of the most versatile prints used all over the world right now. In East Africa, it’s called “kitenge”. On the world stage, Stella McCartney recently incorporated it into her latest collection, with pieces sold for over £1,000! Beyonce wore it at her baby shower last year, and it’s been seen more often on red carpets, especially because of Black Panther and the Wakanda craze.


The fabric encapsulates the true essence of African beauty effortlessly. There are different ways to style ankara fabric, it can be appliqued with fabrics like silk, lace, tulle or embroidered with stones.


Today we’re going to tell you about the latest trend of mixing and matching 2 different Ankara fabrics and why it’s here to stay. The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing, gone are those days where print on print doesn’t match. Some Bellas find this trend risky but most #AsoEbiBella have been able to pull this look off. It takes a stylish person to match 2 prints together without making the outfit look too “busy”. Here are few rules on how to do so:


COLOUR MIX: Ankara fabrics are no doubt notable for the vividly colored patterns. They are usually dynamic and colored fabrics. So to match 2 prints together, there should be a color theme. A color that repeats throughout the 2 fabrics should be picked, this way both fabrics look like an extension of one another.

@ironyofashi wearing a mixed ankara blouse and skirt from @sgtcclothing as spotted on asoebibella

@chicamastyle as spotted on asoebibella

SAME PATTERN: Matching Ankara doesn’t work with colors only, it also works with patterns . You can match Ankara fabric with the same pattern but different colors. This way of matching Ankara is very easy, because the patterns are the same.

@nini wearing an ankara jumpsuit of the same pattern with different colors from @houseofnini1

@theladyvhodka matching the same ankara pattern in different colors as spotted on asoebibella

PRINTS SIZE: Matching based on the print or design size is like a straight guide. You can match Ankara fabric with big prints or design with smaller prints or design. The contrast of big prints with smaller prints makes your ensemble appealing while making a creative and not overwhelming statement.

@tgjonah wearing @rhonkefellacollections mix and match set as spotted on asoebibella

@msnwanneka as spotted on asoebibella

MORE FABRIC MIX: Fun fact is, you can mix more than just 2 Ankara fabrics. Not more than 2 fabrics are usually for beginners while a mix of 3 fabrics or more are for the  daring fashionistas. Matching more than 3 ankara fabrics are usually called patch work. If you’re good with prints and colors, mixing 3 fabrics shouldn’t be a problem.

lola41of118 spotted on!

An example of ankara mix with more than 2 fabrics as spotted on @rhonkefella

I hope these few tips would help #AsoEbiBella in mixing and matching their ankara fabric without looking ridiculous… Upload your pictures on the so we get to see how you mix and match your fabric!


Written by: Kasumu Damilola.

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