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Hey Bellas!!! Let’s talk about our asoebi styles. The concept of asoebi styles has grown from just sewing what was given to you, to mixing with different fabrics, prints and combining self style with creativity.

How do you pick your asoebi styles? What do you look out for before picking a style for your asoebi?

We see pictures of #asoebibella showing off their gorgeous styles on social media, but little do we know their considerations before picking a particular style for their asoebi.

Here are a few things to think of before you meet with your tailor.


The kind of event you’re attending would determine the kind of style you sew for your asoebi. The event you see #AsoEbiBella showing off the most is at weddings.

@realmercyaigbe wearing @ceolumineeofficial for @opetodolapo father’s remembrance

Weddings, in comparison to naming ceremonies, or funerals, are grander events with more guests, and usually last the whole day, so people go dressed to impress.

Some asoebi styles at a wedding would have you thinking the guests are also the celebrants  AKA “assistant” bride and groom – in a way they are, because their close friends are getting married ! (we can’t forget Ebuka’s agbada and Caroline Danjuma’s multiple changes), but we embrace the extraness!

Definitely a wedding guest. @tokemakinwa’s gorgeous outfit from @aprilbykunbi for mocheddah’s wedding

ASOEBI FABRIC: Bear in mind the asoebi fabric also determines the type of style you sew.  Is it stiff, is it shiny, is it flowy, is it sheer? Before picking a style, the texture or quality of the fabric should be considered.

For this fabric below, the #AsoEbiBella chose a nude lining to accentuate the beading on the fabric, and to keep the emphasis on her shape.

Kind of asoebi fabric as spotted on asoebibella

#asoebibella wearing a perfect asoebi style from @mauchio_ aokutz


The first question you ask your tailor when you want to pick a style is “would this style fit me”.You’ll agree with me that most bellas are cautious of their body shape before sewing a style.They bear in mind their body type and areas they want to show off or conceal – tummy, arm and so on.

@ekiogunbor wearing an asoebi style made by @maiatafo that definitely accentuates her body shapeBefore picking a style, you should consider your body shape, because the style you opt for should accentuate and flatter you. If you’re slim, adding volume adds drama and gives you more of a silhouette. If you’re curvy, your style can accentuate or hide that, depending on your preference. Peplum is a popular style, because it’s an easy way to conceal the tummy.

Asoebibella outfit from @feyikemiatinuke

RE-ROCKING: If you don’t wear your asoebi after the event it was meant for, let us gather and take a selfie. Lol!! One thing with asoebi is that you hardly get to wear it again after the event. Bellas now opt for styles they can rock again to probably church or another event entirely. Styles like these are usually mixed with other fabrics and appliques or the detachable kind of styles and so on.

@ink.eze founder @asoebibella wearing a re-rockable asoebi style from @toshowoods

Dress with a detachable train from @lavderim_kukaj_fashiondesigner

Every bella desires to look good and slay in their outfits. If you have issues with picking the right asoebi styles, Check the #AsoEbiBella weekly edition for trendy asoebi styles.Trust me, there’s a style for everyone. Let us know what you consider before picking a style, we can’t forget our epic Nigerian tailors. Lol!  PEACE OUT GUYS!!

Written by: Damilola Kasumu.

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