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On November 22nd in Alara Lagos, Guerlain treated guests including Shaffy Bello, Denola Grey, Prince Noble, Ink Eze, Dimma Umeh, Ezinne Alfa, Eku Edewor, Dodos Uvieghara, Paolo of Sisiano and Aduke Shitta-Bey to an evening of delight and discovery.

Guests mixed and mingled while sampling the range of cosmetics including lipsticks and perfumes from luxury French cosmetic brand including Rouge G, a lipstick with exquisite packaging that serves as function and fashion, with a double mirror. The customizable products are perfect for Nigerians – we LOVE to stand out, especially at special occasions. 

Nigerian brand influencers for the brand include Kiki Osinbajo, Angel Obasi, Stephanie Coker and Nancy Isime.

A live demo by Theo of Doranne Beauty using a playful green shade showed that Guerlain truly has a shade for everyone.

AsoEbiBella sat down for an exclusive chat with Vanessa of Guerlain who flew in all the way from Paris to celebrate the remarkable anniversary and to tell us about their plans in Nigeria.

Hello Vanessa. So tell us, what brings Guerlain to Lagos today?

It’s a wonderful event, we wanted to be live here to celebrate a special year for Guerlain as it is our 190 year anniversary. Why Nigeria? Why Lagos? This is a country we discovered and we really appreciate its culture and people and want to share this unique moment with every Nigerian. We have seen celebration is a very important part of the country’s culture and we love that.


As one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world, how do you innovate and stay fresh, what do you have new for us today?

It’s a balance between the roots and the wings, to be here for almost two centuries, we have to prove we are audacious and we possess amazing creativity to make everyone feel beautiful. Through our products, we show a true dedication to every woman in the world. We believe beauty is multicultural.

Exquisite Perfume for Brides – Le Bouquet de la Mariée – With a bottle cover shaped like a diamond

We propose to every woman to live these experiences with us, by discovering for themselves our range of perfumes, cosmetics etc.


You are right! Beauty comes in all shades, sizes and colors. We love the custom aspect of Guerlain, can you tell us about the premium Bee Bottle and what it represents. 

From the first year of creation, Guerlain was the unique perfume dedicated to princesses, kings, royalty in general. Very early on we began to create exclusive bottles, and one of the most iconic is the Bee Bottle. We still propose something new each year.  For the 21st century women, we propose a new era of creativity with Guerlain, giving every woman or man the chance to create their own scent which shows their identity.


How long does this creation take?

Because it is exclusive to you alone, meaning you will be the only one in the world using that formula, the process takes 12 to 18 months, which helps deepen the complexity of the creation until its unveiling.


So what happens if you’ll like to recreate your unique scent with Guerlain?

We keep the formula. Exclusive to you alone. So if you want to reproduce after your first exclusive creation, we have you covered.


What’s the minimum quantity in a bottle for an exclusive perfume?
It’s a little bit more than 2 litres.

Guerlain is here to stay and we have more in store for every woman & man.

Vienne, brand strategist in Nigeria, tells us more about Guerlain being for everyone!

See More Photos Below from the #GuerlainLagos #MyRougeG Event!

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