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Hello Bellas! The kente fabric has been trending so much, we had to write about it. There is so much historical significance  behind this beautiful fabric.

The Kente fabric, known as Nwentom (meaning woven cloth) in Akan, is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of West Ghana particularly the Asante Kingdom.

Couple wearing the Kente fabric in different colors and patterns for their traditional wedding as spotted on

Coupled in Kente @vanessa_gyimah | hair @touchedbytina | photo @gee_q_photos

There are over 350 patterns for Kente fabrics with various symbols. Awesome right? The styling is always regal. Men usually wear one piece wrapped around the body, leaving the right shoulder and hand uncovered in a toga-like style while women wear two shorter lengths to form a skirt and bodice.

Mini #AsoEbiBella in lovely rich kente as spotted on

Originally, the use of kente was reserved for Asante royalty and has been associated with wealth, high social status, and cultural sophistication making it exclusive for special social and sacred functions. Over time it became accessible and its widespread acceptance has been remarkable.

Kente fabric fused in a wedding dress made by @avonsige

Kente fabric weaved by @wefts_by_jay


Social changes and modern living have brought about significant changes in how kente is used. It is no longer exclusive only for royalty; anyone who can afford a kente fabric can own one or more!

The African print is globally accepted and is been used in so many creative ways by top designers, and there is no limit to its usage and design.  The print is now picked as asoebi or infused into asoebi styles for various events and occasions. The fabric comes out beautifully in any style due to its radiant colors and pattern.

Beautiful bride & her #AsoEbiBella in Kente. @daniellefmua | photos @cjdreamzs via @ama.__x | Mua @edithwilliams

@nwanyibuife spotted on wearing a kente fabric

Groom & his men with the Kente Pop

@estaregrams in her @ofuure

Share your Kente styles with us! We can’t wait to swoon over you.

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Written by : Damilola Kasumu.


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