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Texture and fabric are major factors when it comes to fashion & style. The feel of a  fabric, the texture along with the color, greatly influence every fabric‘s appeal and surely makes the wearer feel beautifully adorned. Fabrics with embroidered sequins, 3D floral patterns, petals, beaded lace are a good choice for an #AsoEbiBella to stand out. They can be all the accessory you need if you are considering an elegant yet minimal look.

These fabrics usually come in crisp and versatile textures. With a moderate amount of floral motifs or shimmering sequins when sewn into fabulous asoebi styles, they require little or no appliques because the fabric alone is usually glitzy. These fabrics can be considered luxurious, and they come in different colors but we would be looking at these set of pretty fabrics in Pink.

Outfit @kathyanthony Asooke @bimmms24

Fabrics from @mimi_exquisitefabrics

@prishumado Dress by @zeeksconcept

@yoursfashionably Makeup/gele @artistrybyasher Fabric @solesfashion/ @703exclusives Tailored by @the_maam

@wowconnectcelebrations Photography @frankugahphotography

Designer: @suemanuell Makeup: @r_ebee Gele stylist: @notecosmeticsnigeria Gele made by: @favdesuwa

Glam @tomilolaofbiggles Asooke @bimmms24



The embroidered lace is perfect and common among brides and wedding guests. These styles are a proof of how pretty embroidered lace look in Pink!

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