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The pairing of Iro (wrapper) and Buba (blouse), a traditional Yoruba attire has been in the fashion industry for decades. Previously, it was mostly worn by older women and was used for different special occasions.

In the past few years, the wrapper-skirt trend is a modernized version of iro and buba and is embraced by women of all ages.

The wrapper-skirt trend is sewing a skirt under an Iro (wrapper) with a bow at the back. The trend had most #AsoEbiBella gushing about iro and buba for the first time in a while. The outfit was especially made for brides but overtime, fashion designers in Nigeria had to look for alternative elegant fabrics to making this style for bellas who are just guests to events.

@chiomagoodhair wearing the skirt iro and buba from @wakaddy_official

As spotted on asoebibella a blouse and wrapper skirt style made by @lashitta_rtw

The blouse and wrapper-skirt style is now very trendy and can be made with any fabric. From aso oke, to ankara and even denim (like in the photo below. You don’t really have to break the bank to achieve the style. All you need is a beautiful fabric and a good tailor. I wouldn’t wear the usual iro and buba, but this style I would definitely try. One can get creative by adding fringe, ruffles, feathers etc.

Spotted on (blouse and skirt wrapper) in Denim by DUD Lagos

Blouse and wrapper skirt style is for the young and stylish Nigerain women who would never have been caught in the traditional Iro and Buba. And you can definitely add decorative details to it.

Asoebibella spotted wearing an appliqued wrapper-skirt

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Written by: Kasumu Damilola.

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