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The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse for a fashion show, but as we look ahead to a post-lockdown world, face masks are set to play an increasingly central role in our lives. At this crucial moment, mask-wearing can be a way of adhering to government guidelines and also, for savvy fashionistas in Nigeria and beyond, an opportunity for self-expression


The facial coverings are a practical way to stay safe and stem the spread of COVID-19, and lately, we’ve come across loads of stylish individuals on our feed who have embraced the new normal by expressing their love for traditional Ankara print patterns, Aso oke, and more and also reinforcing a symbol of their patriotism and their effort to curb the spread of the disease. It is also a remarkable effort as brands are re-purposing left-over materials in an attempt to reduce waste and up-cycle.

Without further ado, wearing a functional face mask is all that matters. It is important that you use due diligence in choosing the best type of medical-grade mask, that helps keep the virus at bay, as most fabric masks are just for fashion, especially without a filter.

Scroll down to see some of the most creative fashion masks that have appeared on our feed since the novel coronavirus took hold.











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#STAYHOME if you can.




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