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We all know that the aso oke is a fabric that is here to stay in the modern day. It just keeps evolving from the conventional aso oke, to the striped, to the embellished, then the two-toned and now the bejeweled aso oke, which makes it hard to keep up with the new trend that comes with it. You can check our previous blog post on the two toned aso oke for more convincing that a new trend comes up almost every time.

We all know about the embellished aso oke, where you adorn your aso oke fabric with stones, pearls and beads following a particular pattern or design. The embellished aso oke was and is still an ongoing trend.

Bejeweled aso oke on the other hand is usually mistaken for an embellished aso oke. The bejeweled aso oke is more of appliques like crystal trims, crytsal motifs, rhinestone and beaded trims. These appliques can be used in different ways to give the asooke an extra bit of glamour.

Bride wearing aso oke appliqued with crystal rhinestone trims from @bimmms24

Aso oke appliqued with rhinestones and fringe trims from @bimmms24

There’s a saying that goes “no need for jewelry when you can wear things that sparkle on their own” that is exactly how to describe a bejeweled aso oke. You can literally choose not to wear any kind of accessory and still bling out. It shows the extent to which the fashion industry has grown.

Mocheddah at her wedding, wearing asooke appliqued with crystals motifs

Bejeweled aso oke by @oyiz_asooke

These beautiful pieces are transforming aso oke into flamboyant, dramatic creations, with glamour, sophis­tica­tion and a dazzling sense of drama to aso oke making. The jeweled appliques on a bejeweled aso oke which are quite different from the embellished aso oke gives the outfit a fabulous finish.

Bejeweled aso oke by @asoebi_geek as seen on @queenola2

What do you think about the bejeweled asooke, is it too much or just perfect??!! Leave a comment and let us know and also upload your aso ebi styles on to get featured.

Written by: Damilola Kasumu.

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