Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is the home of the Yoruba people- a rich culture of
indigenous people who have always loved to adorn themselves in beautiful
clothing, creative jewellery pieces and unique female hairstyles. It is also the
home of Afrobeat – a timeless sound from West Africa riding the waves and taking
center stage in the global music industry. Most importantly, it is where the
designer, Micheal “Twelve19styles” Okunloro, calls home.

Yoruba people are the proud owners of attires made from locally woven fabrics
called Aso-Oke and the word Baálè is the title given to the Yoruba head of a
community. This word serves as the inspiration behind this collection of outfits
as portrayed in the carefully sourced fabrics and specific design styles. The
elements of royalty, class and poise were given special attention with this
collection in mind.

Paying homage to the vintage outfits of his roots, the designer aimed at creating
a collection that captured his maternal fashion influence while infusing the
urbanisation of this age. While the tops are flamboyant in that exclusively regal
manner, the trousers of the outfits are versatile and can be paired with t-shirts
for a more casual and laidback look while still preserving the glamour of the
outfit. The collection is a fusion of the old and new- the vintage and the urban.
Nigerians are currently making giant strides in the international entertainment
scene and the Baálè collection is not left out. The collection made a debut at the
Afro festival in Bristol and received a very warm welcome. It also graced the perfect icing on the cake. There was an intense synergy between the choice of
music, the models, accessories and the outfits themselves. Twelve19styles
definitely gave a show and is one to look out for.
stage of the African Fashion Week in London as its closing act and it was the


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