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Baálè by Twelve19styles Shakes the London Stage of the African Fashion Show London

In the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria’s cultural heritage, the Yoruba people have long been esteemed for their captivating attire, intricate jewelry, and distinctive female hairstyles. Rooted in this rich tradition, Baálè by Twelve19styles emerges as a striking fusion of indigenous elegance and contemporary urban flair, showcasing the dynamic essence of Yoruba fashion on a global stage.


Nestled within the heart of Africa, Nigeria pulsates with the rhythmic beats of Afrobeats, a genre that has conquered international music charts. From this vivacious backdrop, the visionary designer Micheal Adebowale Okunloro draws inspiration. His deep connection to Yoruba roots serves as the driving force behind the Baálè collection, a reflection of heritage and a nod to the esteemed title given to a Yoruba community leader.

Central to this collection’s essence is the Aso-Oke, a locally woven fabric that embodies the Yoruba spirit. Baálè encapsulates the regality and grace intrinsic to Yoruba culture, elevating it to new heights through meticulously selected fabrics and exquisite design motifs. A seamless marriage of royalty, class, and elegance are woven into each garment, a testament to Twelve19styles’ unwavering dedication to his craft.

Drawing from ancestral echoes, the Baálè collection captures a sense of vintage nostalgia intertwined with a contemporary urban aesthetic. The opulent tops exude an exclusive regal allure, invoking a sense of majestic splendour. Yet, it is the ingenious versatility of the trousers that breathes modernity into the collection. Paired effortlessly with casual t-shirts, the trousers embody a relaxed, laidback elegance while preserving the innate glamour of the ensemble. Baálè is an embodiment of the old and new, where vintage elegance meets the pulse of the urban rhythm.

The global stage beckons and the Baálè collection proudly takes its place amidst Nigeria’s rising presence on the international entertainment scene. Debuting at the Afro festival in Bristol, the collection received an enthusiastic reception, a testament to its ability to captivate audiences beyond borders. However, it was the grand finale at the African Fashion Week in London that truly elevated Baálè by Twelve19styles to new heights. The synergy between the carefully curated music, the graceful models, the artful accessories, and the enchanting outfits was nothing short of mesmerizing. A symphony of artistic elements coalesced, showcasing Michael Okunloro’s unparalleled prowess as a designer and captivating the hearts of all who bore witness.

Baálè by Twelve19styles is not merely a collection; it is an embodiment of cultural heritage, a celebration of creativity, and a testament to the ever-evolving tapestry of fashion. As the world’s gaze turns toward the rising stars of Nigeria’s entertainment and fashion scene, Twelve19styles stands poised at the forefront, a visionary whose artistry leaves an indelible mark on the global stage. With Baálè, a new chapter in Yoruba fashion unfolds, leaving an enchanting legacy that resonates far beyond the confines of a runway.


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