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An #AsoEbiBella Style Slayer is a wedding guest {bella} whose personal style exudes grace, class, and confidence to make a grand statement at every event. This series consists of style and beauty enthusiasts, fashion designers, makeup artists and bead makers whose love for style and beauty has been an inspiration to others and has carved a niche for them in the fashion & beauty industry.

Meet our #AsoEbiBella style slayer of the week – Kelechik

AsoEbiBella: What’s your name and brand name?

Kelechik: My full name is Kelechi Morah and my brand’s  name is @kelechik

AsoEbiBella: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

Kelechik: This might sound a little bit cliche, but I have always been fond of fashion from a very young age, although I became more aware of my love for it when I was about 15years old. My mum was and is still a very fashionable woman, it’s, therefore, safe to say she rubbed off on me.

AsoEbiBella: How would you describe your style?

Kelechik: My style aesthetic leans more towards simplicity and comfort. I, however, try to exude elegance and class in any outfit I put on.

AsoEbiBella:  What are your favorite colors?

Kelechik: You can’t go wrong with BLACK.

AsoEbiBella: What is your favorite Aso Ebi fabric to wear?

Kelechik: African prints… particularly ANKARA. Its versatility can’t be overemphasized. It’s a staple for me. I love prints a lot.

 AsoEbiBella: How did you decide to turn your passion into profit?

Kelechik: It’s amazing the business opportunities open to us on social media …when I joined IG in 2014 it was just like any other new app, just for fun..but I was able to carve a niche for myself in fashion, establish my own brand where I make and sell my own designs here @zurielafrique as well as act as a brand influencer where I get paid to promote and push other brands via my platform.

AsoEbiBella: What are the best and worst aspect of working in a fashion industry in Nigeria?

Kelechik: I’ll say the problem with staffs (tailors) who aren’t very committed and the problem of erratic power supply. The best part is how much the Nigerian Fashion industry has grown so much and is now very much appreciated and recognized both locally and internationally.

AsoEbiBella: What do you look out for in Aso Ebi?

Kelechik: Fabric choice is very important to me, it sets the tone for the final outcome of the entire outfit and nudges me in the direction to go style wise. The cut and fit are equally important, not all styles are for everyone. I take my body structure into consideration before making an outfit.

AsoEbiBella: What is your memorable Aso Ebi style moment?

Kelechik: Hmmm I really can’t pick any. All my aso ebi styles are unique and dear to me.

AsoEbiBella: What has been the inspiration behind your Aso Ebi styles?

Kelechik: The endless possibilities of what I can create with African prints inspire me…The occasion, my personal style preference, as well as my body type, inspires and plays a huge role in my final decision as to my over all look for any aso ebi style.

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