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#AsoEbiBellaStyleSlayer @therealrhonkefella

An #AsoEbiBella Style Slayer is a wedding guest {bella} whose personal style exudes grace, class, and confidence to make a grand statement at every event. This series consists of style and beauty enthusiasts, fashion designers, makeup artists and bead makers whose love for style and beauty has been an inspiration to others and has carved a niche for them in the fashion & beauty industry.

Meet our #AsoEbiBella style slayer of the week – TheRealRhonkeFella

Kimono x Pants @mae_otti Photography by @ayoalasi

AsoEbiBella: What’s your name and brand name?

RhonkeFella: My Name is Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo, my brand name “RHONKEFELLA “.

AsoEbiBella: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

RhonkeFella: Since I was a child, I watched my mom do her makeup, and play dress up, she is a very fashionable woman so she passed it on.

Outfit by @mummysamuelclothings Photography by @the.alfe

Dress by @omonigho_evelyn Shoes @shoelastique Photography by @the.alfe

AsoEbiBella: How would you describe your style?

RhonkeFella: BOLD! Ronke isn’t afraid of colors, and she doesn’t abide by the rules.

AsoEbiBella: What are your favorite colors?

RhonkeFella: Honestly, I do not have a favorite color but if I don’t mention COBALT BLUE my fans will beat me, so I’d say Royal Blue.

DENIM IRO & BUBA @dud_lagos Turban @haleema_shuaib Shoes @slay_religion Photography by @jidekola

AsoEbiBella: What is your favorite Aso Ebi fabric to wear?

RhonkeFella: For someone who loves it Bold, it definitely has to be African prints, Ankara, Kente, I love prints a lot!

AsoEbiBella: How did you decide to turn your passion into profit?

RhonkeFella: I was into makeup before fashion, I spent almost all my earnings on clothes because I love to look good! Then I realize sey problem go dey o, so since I have flare for Fashion I started creating and selling my own designs and also influence other fashion brands, so today if I buy clothes it’s not because I lack it, or I can’t produce it, maybe I just want to support someone’s brand or  I must really love it.

Photography by @ayoalasi

AsoEbiBella: What are the best and worst aspects of working in a fashion/beauty industry in Nigeria?

RhonkeFella: Let me start with the worst. My major challenge as a designer is dealing with local tailors, asides the fact that they can disappoint you, sometimes they won’t just bring your imagination to reality and that can hurt. The best part for me is customer satisfaction, I always feel fulfilled.

AsoEbiBella: What do you look out for in Aso Ebi?

RhonkeFella: Elegance! set a trend, I love it when I see trend setting designs on AsoEbiBella, it’s inspiring, I get inspired, you know Fashion is a repetition of ideas, so seeing trend setting styles just helps you recreate another bombshell from what you’ve already seen.

Dress by @mummysamuelclothings Photography by @the.alfe


AsoEbiBella: What is your most memorable Aso Ebi style moment?

RhonkeFella: My memorable Aso Ebi style moment will be my green and white Danshiki attire made from Aso oke to celebrate Nigeria’s independence in 2016, and also the wedding gown inspired ball dress I made from Ankara fabric. Those two were memorable because I dare to say it broke the internet.

AsoEbiBella: What has been the inspiration behind your Aso Ebi styles

RhonkeFella: The joy of knowing that I can do almost anything with African prints inspires me to do a lot and much more!

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Outfit by @sgtcclothing



Dress by @omonigho_evelyn Photography by @the.alfe

@frockavenue Photography @the.alfe



Dress by @sgtcclothing

Dress by @mummysamuelclothings

Dress by @omonigho_evelyn x @nighozapparels Accesories @deezaccessories Photography by @the.alfe

Photography by @ayoalasi

Dress by @rhonkefellacollections

Jumpsuit @rhonkefellacollections

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