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An #AsoEbiBella Style Slayer is a wedding guest {bella} whose personal style exudes grace, class, and confidence to make a grand statement at every event. This series consists of style and beauty enthusiasts, fashion designers, makeup artists and bead makers whose love for style and beauty has been an inspiration to others and has carved a niche for them in the fashion & beauty industry.

Meet our #AsoEbiBella style slayer of the week – Jumoke Raji

AsoEbiBella: What’s your name and brand name?

Jumoke Raji: My name is Raji Adebola Jumoke. My brand’s name is Teekay House of Fashion.

AsoEbiBella: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

Jumoke Raji: I became fascinated with fashion at the age of 15 years when I was in secondary school. I used to style my friends way back in school.

AsoEbiBella: How would you describe your style?

Jumoke Raji: My style is Simple, Classy and Elegant.

AsoEbiBella: What are your favorite colors?

Jumoke Raji: My favorite colors are Purple, Pink and Blue.

AsoEbiBella: What is your favorite Aso Ebi fabric to wear?

Jumoke Raji: My favorite Aso Ebi will be a lovely detailed fabric.

AsoEbiBella: How did you decide to turn your passion into profit?

Jumoke Raji: I decided to turn my passion for fashion into business and profit after styling some of my friends and colleagues when I was working at GTBANK PLC.  Being a former banker and a marketer I now combined my experience in banking and marketing together with my passion and above all God’s inspiration and today it has become a success story.

AsoEbiBella: What are the best and worst aspects of working in a fashion/beauty industry in Nigeria?

Jumoke RajiThe worst  aspect of the fashion industry in Nigeria  are Finance, Erratic Power Supply and Lack of committed staff while the best aspect is when the fashion industry is well appreciated both in Nigeria  and all over the world

AsoEbiBella: What do you look out for in Aso Ebi?

Jumoke Raji: As a stylist what I look out for in Aso Ebi is how it fits and compliments my body structure.
AsoEbiBella: What is your most memorable Aso Ebi style moment?

Jumoke Raji: I made an outfit using an Aso Ebi and I got 8 orders at the venue, and more orders came when I uploaded a picture of the same outfit on social media.  It was a remarkable experience for me.

AsoEbiBella: What has been the inspiration behind your Aso Ebi styles?

Jumoke Raji: My inspiration comes from Almighty God.

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