An #AsoEbiBella is a wedding guest {bella} looking stunning in aso-ebi  the fabric/colors of the day, at a traditional engagement or wedding.

How To Submit:

Step 1: Visit Sign up using your preferred username and password.

Step 2: Upload your Aso Ebi styles on your page and stand a chance to get featured on all platforms.

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Here are a few styles we love.


Dress: @shayonce_g
Mua: @mz_weezzy
Photography : @mz_weezzyphotography

Dresses @beccaneedlesnstitches
Photography by @34sndpictures
Fabric @kubisfabrics

Gele: @gele_by_mimi
Makeup : @glamby_kristen

Dress: @mariam_stitches
Makeup : @beautycliniq

Bella: @idia.aisien

Makeup: @exquisite_look
Dress: @beerah_couture

Photography: @klalaphotography
Gele: @oni_gele
Aso oke: @bimmms24
Mua: @tifaramakeovers

Fab wedding guest @rxkkys

Dress: @mariam_stitches
Makeup: @rahzark
Gele: @victorygele

Makeup : @_v.verbena
Outfit : @xtrabrideslagos

Dress @suemanuell
Image @@x___studio

@onwukajoy in @markmoda_atelier

Dress: @houseofsolange
Makeup: @quints_n_class

#AsoEbiBella @annielabelle3 Dress: @lasuerta_
Makeup: @tam__glam

Bella: @baraqhart
Dress: @qata_empire

Bella: @mz_shitta
Makeup: @mowunmy_ajala
Gele: @eazzykel_gele

Photography @ob_click

Dress @chic_byveekeejames
Photography @officialphotofreak
Makeup @jhulesb
Hair styled @yinkzsignature

Makeup: @glambyomoye
Hair: @dharmsung

Dress: @topefnr
Bell: @lillyafe
Mua: @maq_jose
Photography : @photokulture

Bella: @adesewa_22
Makeup : @glambyomoye
Hair : @dharmsung
Dress : @magneticelegance

Makeup: @b.and.hh
Hair: @dharmsung
Photography: @lorelstudios_

Stylist @theperfectionista_
Makeup @bmpromakeup
Photography: @eleanorgoodeyphotography
Outfit @topefnr

Dress ; @sima_brew
Hair: @oh_my_hairr
Photography: @twinsdntbeg

Bella: @jackieiseverywhere


Dress: @ituastitches



Photographed by @ousu_sakyi

Photoshoot @maryshine_pro
Makeup @maryshine_pro
Outfit by @pknowcouture

Photography: @temiolukaystudio.
Mum: @olawande_mua


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