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This new series is a celebration of Ankara – a fashion staple that remains a constant in our wardrobes, despite fashion’s revolving door of trends. Every week we will share the most fabulous styles we spot to celebrate the creativity of these stylish folk we feature, inspire your next look and for your viewing pleasure.

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This is an x Collab.


Mono sleeves and fringes for the win


Keep things classy


Opt for bright colours


Have you ever tried out the onesies?


Don’t shy away from legs


Win in a mini dress


Just a little bit of detail


An asymmetrical dress also works


Pair with a matching accessory


Don’t shy away from some drama


And even more drama


Give it an athletic spin with the right sneakers


A maxi dress wins also


The key is pairing right


Keep things classy and stylish


Try out a strapless dress for that show-stopping moment

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