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Hellooo Bellas!!!! How do you like your aso ebi styles?? With or without embellishments??? We are in the era where most people don’t sew “plain” styles with just the provided aso ebi anymore. They want to add a little bit of embellishment or accessories or a different fabric to their aso ebi to make it more attractive. I would be showing different accessories that can be mixed with your aso ebi styles. Hope you likeyyy!!!!!

Written by: Kasumu Damilola.


Fringes have been around since God knows when, but it started making waves in the fashion industry few years back. Fringe are incorporated into aso ebi styles to give it a flirtatious look and it gives it a sultry vibe especially when it is in a layered format. They come in different types but the most used are the beaded and silk fringe.

@chiomagoodhair in a dress embellished with beaded fringe at the side made by @tubo__

@jean_deroy in a fringed dress as spotted on asoebibella




Feather details are one of the major appliques added to asoebi styles. It can be added anywhere, but it’s mostly added at the bottom of the skirt for a fuller effect. A little feather detail goes along way in making statement for asoebi styles, but don’t be extra and add so much.

@ceolumineeofficial in a feather embroidered dress made by @ceolumineeofficial


@Queen_sisca in a feathered dress as spotted on asoebibella



Tulle is a fine mesh fabric most commonly used to make wedding veils. Nowadays it’s added to aso ebi styles. It’s sheerness lends a romantic feel. Tulle is sometimes used as sleeves of dresses or added to give a dress full-blown length.

@fablanebyderin as spotted on asoebibella

@veekee_james in a tulle skirt as spotted on asoebibella



Stones and pearls are the most popular applique added to asoebi styles. You can stone and pearl anything, even your scarf. It’s beautiful when the stones match the pattern of the fabrics, like on ankara. It’s also become more popular in the last three years on aso oke.

@lizzyanjorin in a stoned out ankara dress made by @lizzyanjorinclothings

@solasobowale in a pearled dress from @ceolumineeofficial as spotted on asoebibella


These are few among the numerous additions used on asoebi styles. What do you prefer? Visit the blog for more asoebi tips and don’t forget to upload your aso ebi styles on the website. Peace!


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