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The Illusion tulle is a stretch fabric known to have a slight bit of sheen that can catch the light and add a bit of shimmer,  thinner than sheer body stocking mesh, it is great for dresses where transparency is needed. This fabric is usually used by brides for their wedding veils or wedding dresses and it comes in different colors.

Over time most #AsoEbiBella have found a way to infuse this fabric in their asoebi styles. The fabric when used to sew a style blends so much with the skin especially when used as sleeves or neckline of a dress. The fabric gives nude illusions to asoebi styles because it comes in different skin tones and they give the outfit a sophisticated look. It is mostly used for detailed sleeves, with appliques placed on top.

See a few Asoebi styles made with Illusion tulle.

Bolaji Ayinde in @nouvacouture dress with illusion tulle on the neckline

@t0misin in @tebitarafabrics

Debs Kanu wearing @t16worldoffashion with illusion tulle used as the sleeve

Asoebibella in @topefnr

AsoEbiBella in @modes_world

Stephanie Coker wearing outfit from @styletemple

Mary Akpobome in @tojufoyeh

AsoEbiBella @macornella in @nhayoomee

#Asoebibella wearing tojufoyeh

Bellas, do you like the idea of infusing illusion tulle in your asoebi styles? If yes, share your styles with us on

Written by: Damilola Kasumu.



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