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Heeeellooooo Bellas!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I’ll be taking you guys on a little fashion trip.. Usually ladies rock a turban only on a bad hair day but not anymore. Turbans are now essentials in a ladies closet, It could be rocked to work, weddings, and other random outings.  I’ll be showing 5 different ways to rock a turban and SLAYYYY in it.



You can definitely turn your casual look to a not-so-casual-look with a turban… The beauty about turban is that it can be tied differently, and worn with different outfits. Like an ankara top and a jean with a beaded velvet turban. I meannnn it’s a casual look with a little twist. The statement in this outfit is the effortless chic look the head wrap gives it. To be honest with you, if you’ve not tried wearing a headwrap, you should…



@kiitana wearing a headwrap from @atarahavenue  spotted on AsoebiBella

Lola spotted on Asoebibella with her beaded velvet turban



Even your favorite celebrities wears a turban. This picture is especially for those who think turban is only for a bad hair day…Nah bellas!! You could have a dope weave on and accessorize your hair with a turban.  And also for those who can’t tie a scarf, there are turbans in form of a cap, Just throw it on and you’re good to go. Stephanie Coker’s ensemble was worn to the Black Panther movie premier and her turban is from @turban_tempest.


@stephaniecoker wearing @sgt_clothing and turban from @turban_tempest


@veekee_james spotted on AsoebiBella



It’s allowed to wear a matching turban!! It makes it more stylish, your turban doesn’t have to be a different color or different fabric from your outfit. Most matching turbans are usually ankara or any other fabric.

@runcare1 spotted on AsoEbiBella

@Lubiaa spotted on Asoebibella


@rukymama in @lerougebyamma head tie spotted on Asoebibella



The struggle behind tying gele is always epic!!! Brides usually save their asoebi ladies the stress of  tying gele by picking a turban instead. Turban can be picked for the brides ladies, which gives them an alternative fashionable way to looking beautiful and also makes the bride herself stand out.When turbans are tied in sync it comes out so beautiful especially when it is adorned with a brooch. Personally, I’ll tie a turban over gele all day everyday to save my brain from popping out of my head..


Ohhhhhh that’s right!!!! It’s a turban… An adorned one to be precise. Lol… This beautiful head piece is from @urez_kulture, you should definitely check out her headpieces and accessories…. You would fall in love. I saved the best for the last, A very beautiful embroidered dress and a fashionable turban and you’ll be the talk of the red carpet (if there is… lol)…


Turban from @urez_kulture

@ayshaa_omar wearing a turban from @thefabricshop_


Written by: Kasumu Damilola.


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